Eve Richards

Head Trainer/Founder and Owner of Black Door Personal Training

Over the past 20 years Eve has refined her craft as a professional personal trainer. She began as a fitness instructor teaching Step, Spin, Boot Camp, Strength Classes, TRX, Kickboxing, Boxing, Senior Classes. Motivating and instructing others was exciting but to make significant changes in others’ lives getting a nationally accredited personal training cert was the next step. She earned her ACE CPT cert in 2004 and has maintained it since. She has trained countless clients personally designing programs that have helped them change their lives for the past 20 years. Over the following years she moved into management positions as a Fitness Director of a private gym, GM, and Head Trainer for a fitness franchise and co-owned and operated a Fitness and Weight-loss Retreat for the past 20 years.

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When a client chooses to work with Eve they get the best-of-the-best in personal touch, life-changing programming, and habit-forming experiences everyone deserves when working with a trainer. Unfortunately, the proliferation of social media “trainers” and the tragic advice and baseless programs recklessly spewing from all corners of the internet have spoiled the integrity of the fitness and nutrition industries. Black Door Personal Training wants to right this wrong and truly help clients make the “wanted” and “needed” changes they seek.

Personal Training is about “YOU”, your individual needs, and your ability to grow while overcoming personal challenges. Your personal and priceless goals, your distinct challenges, your healthy or unhealthy habits, your desired hopes, and your solid commitment matter! Personal Training should be about YOU at every turn! As a fitness professional, Eve takes great pride in making sure the client and she works as a team to unlock all the possibilities for success. Every aspect is individual, personal, detailed, progressive, and educational.

As a professional trainer Eve takes great pride in keeping up to date in what is new and fresh in the industry while staying within the boundaries of her profession. Lastly, she hopes to instill within each client the knowledge, commitment and internal motivation needed to eventually spread their wings and fly.

Eve lives just outside of Atlanta, Ga. She has two amazing children whom she adores. She is surrounded by a beautiful family and is inspired by how they live their lives. She loves everything about fitness. It’s difficult for her to say what she enjoys best because she finds the variety fitness offers tremendously useful in enhancing lives. Presently, the monumental benefits strength training presents is her favorite. She can’t wait to work with you as you choose to open new doors to an amazing and abundant life!


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