Chisel Plan

At Home

Plan Description

Our “Chisel” Plan at your home is a 6 week (12 one-on-one training sessions/2 times a week) trained at your home. Your location must be within a certain distance/time from the Black Door location to be a viable candidate for our Chisel – At Home Training Plan. The “Chisel” Online Plan is exclusive to a limited number of clients. The process of chiseling is precise, demanding, purposeful and consistent until the work is done. Our Chisel plan is intended for those who have committed plans to make tremendous changes in their lives both physically and nutritionally. Those who purchase this plan get exclusive training with our top personal trainer. You get everything all the other Plans offer plus weekly 60-minute video calls, personalized fitness, and nutrition plans (including recipes), regular progress check-ins, 24/7 chat support and more…. In the end our hope is that together we open every door possible for you to make the changes you seek. We will push, challenge, and stretch you consistently. Please Book a Call to find out if this plan works for you. Sessions must be done within 2 months of purchase.

Plan Includes

    • Nutrition Intake/Breakdown.
    • Weekly Assessment.
    • Two 15-minute accountability weekly calls.
    • Two, 60-minute, at home 1-on-1 training sessions weekly.
    • Text or call for guidance anytime.
    • Workout plans are scheduled weekly.
    • Personalized meal plans and recipes.
    • Regular updates of your programs based on your progress.

How it works

    • Purchase the Plan
    • Within 24 hours you will receive an email with details on downloading the App
    • Within 24 hours you will receive a call to schedule you’re at home, weekly training sessions.
    • Complete the onboarding questionnaire after login into the App.
    • Your personalized schedule is made available in the App within 24-48 hours.
    • Log personal metrics daily (i.e., nutrition, workouts, etc.)
    • Connect through in-app chat or video calls when you need assistance.

6-week plan

Regular Price: $1500

Sale Price: $1200

8-week plan

Regular Price: $1900

Sale Price: $1520

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