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Yes, Eve has been an accredited, certified personal trainer, since 2004, from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Professionally she has 20 years of experience in the fitness industry thus providing the experience necessary to work with various types of clients (which she had found to be challenging, exciting and purposeful). You will be in amazing hands as you work together as a team to unlock the possibilities you are seeking. Our hope is that when a client chooses to work with Eve they get the best-of-the-best, life-changing, and habit-forming experiences everyone deserves when they work with a trainer. The propagation of social media “trainers” and the tragic advice and baseless programs recklessly spewing from all corners of the internet have spoiled the integrity of fitness and nutrition sciences. We want to right this wrong and truly help our clients make the "wanted" and "needed" changes they are seeking. Many people have been duped into fads, gimmicks or tricks looking for a quick fix. Our cultural expectation for instant gratification and immediate results with little or no effort has been preyed upon by the industry. There is no quick fix or magic diet. Period. You do have to put in the effort and make better health-based decisions.

Training sessions are generally 45 to 60 minutes. However, requests for alternate lengths of time can be discussed during your initial consultation.

Absolutely! Please reach out anytime through our Black Door Personal Training App chat and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or call (801) 577-9200 and leave your name, call back number and short message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Most of our clients cherish their privacy and are working on or have worked to reach specific goals for themselves. We plan to keep their privacy intact. Additionally, we believe that everyone is in a different place physically and psychologically and the body you see in a picture used for marketing is not yours. Comparing yourself to others should not be a prime motivation. Here at Black Door personal training, we promote and motivate the individual. We feel a person should compare themselves to themselves - as that is the real measure of personal progress! You have a unique genetic makeup, fitness level, and sensitivity to exercise and because of this your results are your own. The more we get a client to focus on themselves and not others the greater the change! We choose not to exploit our clients and promote or prolong the fitness scams plaguing the internet and media today. Additionally, we dislike manipulative and disingenuous marketing, and the fitness industry is notorious for this, and we want nothing to do with that. There is nothing more noble than working with others who are working towards being the best version of themselves and not someone else.

We have various plans to choose from. When you schedule your consultation, you will address this question specifically. Taking into consideration goals, time-frame to meet those goals, finances, and personal needs when choosing what is best for you. Most find 2-3 times a week for 3-6 months an effective use of their resources. We also have clients who pay for single training sessions to supplement their weekly training plan. We can work with you at whatever capacity you need depending on time availability and client load.

Depending on the type of injury and the stage of healing, we can create programs that limit or avoid stress to the affected site. We can also develop corrective exercise strategies to improve mobility, joint stabilization, connective tissue strength, and flexibility. We can work within a doctor’s recommendations when needed and necessary. This is when years of personal training come into action! We want to help those who are overcoming and pushing through a challenge. So don't let an injury stop you from progressing. However, no corrective exercise or post-rehabilitation program we offer is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or mechanical malalignment. Within our scope of practice, we will work with you to fine-tune a progressive program that works to inhibit overactive musculature, stimulate under-active muscle structures, activate biomechanical efficiency, and integrate compound movements to enhance functionality. Whatever plan is chosen we give you leeway to use those sessions before they expire.

IN LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Black Door Personal Training Employees SHALL BE COMMITTED TO: Ensuring daily operations and customer engagement meets the minimum of the company’s principal values and code of ethics. Reviewing and implementing industry innovations that improve our ability to deliver safe, quality products and services in a positive environment to all customers and clients. Setting an example of a professional, honest, and results-oriented fitness operator and promote the retention of each customer or client while meeting business objectives. Our ethical and moral principles dictate we must focus on honest and professional organizational development and guide the decision-making process. We believe true professionals and leaders are expected to live by example and adapt to industry or market indicators. Community image and customer perception of the organization quality, value and price must be in line with these values, and we are the liaison for each. We are responsible for creating, adapting, or implementing the enhancements necessary to accomplish the above objectives. IN CLIENT AND CUSTOMER SERVICES Black Door Personal Training Employees SHALL BE COMMITTED TO: Delivering a safe and truthful environment for the well-being and enjoyment of customers and clients. Engaging each customer or client in a positive and professional manner without exception. Behaving in a courteous and knowledgeable manner to ensure the comfort and retention of customers or clients. Responding to customer requests promptly and accurately while working toward a reasonable resolution that satisfies the customer. Maintaining open communication with others we may be professionally associated regarding challenges, issues, or suggestions to improve operational effectiveness and customer experience. Without exception, customer service and safety are the top priority of any fitness professional. We will provide a safe, positive, and courteous environment. We are expected to be knowledgeable about any programming, products, pricing, or services offered. We must communicate with partners, clients, and customers to foster a culture that provides open dialogue based on the above principles. IN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND SALES Black Door Personal Training SHALL BE COMMITTED TO: Maintaining integrity in all monetary transactions, service descriptions or any other business dealings. Thoroughly and honestly describing service offerings or programs to customers or clients. Maintaining accurate and detailed record keeping thus providing effective operations. Protecting privacy along with any financial information collected from customers or clients. Maintaining a professional and courteous image when engaged in external and internal business development activities. We are expected to provide a transparent sales environment to ease the tension and earn the trust of prospective customers or clients. Honesty, integrity, and core industry knowledge are fundamental in developing and enrolling customers in the appropriate program. Our customers will be pleasantly surprised by the low pressure and high-value method of our approach to earning business. Retention of clients starts with a thorough and honest sales process and develops from there. IN FITNESS AND WELLNESS OFFERINGS Black Door Personal Training Employees SHALL BE COMMITTED TO: Accurately and honestly describing services, expectations and program timelines to customers or clients. Designing and implementing fitness programs based on scientific rationale with the client’s current condition and goal in mind. Engaging and instructing others safely and responsibly to avoid client injury or discomfort. Accurate and complete record-keeping in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws or the expectations of my clients. Always maintaining a current nationally recognized personal training certification while endlessly adding to our education and credentials. We understand the investment of time and other resources clients make and we must exceed their expectations. We are expected to base all program design on a client’s current condition level and goal, thus avoiding injury and delivering results. We must earn and then cultivate the trust of customers, by delivering consistency and results we will achieve this objective. We promise to avoid smoking, substance abuse and unhealthy eating habits in our own lives and in the presence of clients at all times. We understand how important it is to speak and dress in a manner that increases the client’s comfort level and does not hinder the ability of the client to focus and progress. Additionally, dress and act in the highest professional manner possible.

Black Door Personal Training is ideal for people that travel or take vacations. We develop full bodyweight, lifting and cardio programs based on equipment you have available and the environment you have around you. If a gym is available, we can create a program for you to conquer. The same accountability, workout tracking and coaching is all mobile and travels with you. Basically, we will be there to guide and motivate you even if you are out of the country or on the move. This is why virtual training is so important! You can keep moving forward and not have travel be an obstacle but a motivation.

Yes! We do offer the option to purchase additional training sessions if we feel these added sessions may improve your success toward your goals. Additional training sessions may be purchased starting from $39/session (differing lengths of training time are available per request). These sessions can be purchased as a single session or in packages. Additional sessions are mostly used for exercise technique correction in a live virtual setting for real-time feedback. You may also use these training sessions to schedule supplemental nutrition guidance or habit modification programming. Keep in mind, these sessions may be subject to availability depending on our client load at that specific time. Speak with us for details if you feel the extra support and professional guidance would benefit you.

Yes! We work with semi-private up to 4 individuals in a small group during training sessions at your home. The CPT will come to you if you live within a certain distance from Black Door Personal Training. Our at home sessions are 1-on-1, semi-private and maybe up to 4 per session. Because of the individual nature of each person’s unique condition and goals, the initial virtual call and consult needs to be 1-on-1 and weekly calls are individual. However, training can be done together, which allows for lower costs per person for the training sessions. The virtual in-person check-ins will be scheduled in advance.

We recommend the initial 3 months of training be virtual. This means all sessions are done virtually, check-ins are virtual, and calls be consistent through the first 3 months. After the trainer and you feel you've built the proper strength foundation, form and technique are spot on and nutrition is fine-tuned clients can then turn to more independent training plans because your fitness foundation has been established.

Our subscriptions plans are cancelled anytime. All other plans are packaged based with a time limit for the sessions to be used before sessions are not available.

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