Online Plan

Plan Description

A lot can happen in 8 weeks. Our “Renaissance Body” – Online Plan consists of steady training, evolving workouts, monitored nutrition and developing healthy habits daily. The goal: revive and create the “YOU” that was always there. Commitment and consistency are key during the next 8 weeks, and we are here to help you stay committed and consistent! After 8 weeks new doors of greater health and fitness potential will open for you. Your weekly training schedules and nutrition plans are displayed in the app for easy access. Weekly virtual check-ins will be scheduled in advance. During those check-ins we will discuss past training and the future training plans pertinent to your progression. Adjustments will be made between you and your trainer often. If you are as committed as you can be you will find the “Renaissance Body” to be exciting and challenging, yet doable! Please Book a Call to find out if this plan is for you. Sessions must be completed within 3 months of purchase.

Plan Includes

    • Personalized fitness plan with video demonstrations & instructions to perform.
    • Personalized meal plan & recipes
    • Regular progress check-ins
    • Regular updates of plans based on your progress.
    • 24/7 chat support
    • Weekly 45-minute virtual check-ins
    • Log your daily metrics in the App for assessment.
    • You can add live workouts from $39/session.

How it works

    • Purchase the plan.
    • Complete onboarding questionnaire after logging into the App
    • Your personalized schedule is made available in the App in 24-48 hours.
    • Follow workouts, log nutrition and other all other metrics.
    • Connect with us with any questions via our in-App chat.

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